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Archives for February 2016 | Ada Forge - News

A-stream-tools-1.0.4 released

Buffered, Memory and Time stream handling.

New in this release:
  • Added send_socket for better integration with gnat_socket.
  • Added the capability to read all the remaining elements in the stream without getting End_Error.

see at https://github.com/persan/a-stream-tools/releases/tag/a-stream-tools-1.0.4-2016-02-29
Copyleft license.

From Per Sandberg
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Muen microkernel 0.7 relesaed

The Muen Separation Kernel is the world’s first Open Source microkernel that has been formally proven to contain no runtime errors at the source code level. It is developed in Switzerland by the Institute for Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA) at the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR).

The following major features and improvements have been implemented :
  • Support for Genode VM subjects
  • Subject time mechanism
  • Hardware and platform policy abstractions
  • Linux virtual filesystem and network interface drivers
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Controlling the LIFX smart bulbs

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