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GCC 5.2.1 arm-eabi for OS X El Capitan

  • This is GCC 5.2.1 for arm-eabi from GCC ARM Launchpad, tested on
  • the Cortex-M3 as found on the Arduino Due and the Cortex-M4 as
  • found on the STMicroelectronics STM32F4 Discovery and STM32F429I
  • Discovery boards.
  • Downloads on SourceForge, prepared by Simon Wright
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GnatDroid for Android-x86

  • The GNAT-to-Android/ARM cross-compiler known as GnatDroid-ARMv7 has been available on FreeBSD and DragonFly since even before it was officially supported in GCC.
  • I've produced a second cross-compiler, GnatDroid-x86 which targets the 32-bit Android/x86 platform.
  • The nice thing about Android/x86 is that it can be installed on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, so it can be easier to test programs without actual hardware as for GnatDroid-ARMv7.
  • GnatDroid is only available on FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, although somebody could replicate the effort for other platforms if so desired: http://www.freshports.org/lang/gnatdroid-x86
  • -John (http://www.dragonlace.net/)
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GCC 5.2.0 for OS X El Capitan

  • There's not a lot of added Ada goodness compared to 5.1.0, but the El
  • Capitan-related problem that David Botton recently encountered is fixed.
  • If you need PR66509 fixed and also arm-eabi support, put this compiler
  • on your PATH before the 5.1.0 compiler
  • (e.g. PATH=/opt/gcc-5.2.0/bin:/opt/gcc-5.1.0/bin:/the/rest/of/your/path)
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XNAdaLib 2015 binaries for MacOS 10.9 including GTKAda GPL 2015 and more

This is XNAdaLib 2015 built on MacOS 10.9 Mavericks for Native Quartz including:
  • GTK Ada GPL 2015 with GTK+ 3.16.0 complete,
  • Glade 3.18.3,
  • GnatColl GPL 2015,
  • Florist GPL 2015,
  • AdaCurses 20110404,
  • Gate 3-04-b,
  • AICWL 3.11 (with Components 4.8 and gtksourceview 3.14.3),
  • GNOGA 1.1a,
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Ada packages on Archlinux updated to GPL15

The new packages are on AUR4.
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Ada to JavaScript translator

Development version of Matreshka provides Ada to JavaScript translator and run-time library to run Ada applications in Web browsers and other JavaScript engines.
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