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10.1.5 Pragmas and Program Units

This subclause discusses pragmas related to compilations.
Paragraphs 2 through 7 were moved to Annex J, “Obsolescent Features”. 

Post-Compilation Rules

Certain pragmas are defined to be configuration pragmas; they shall appear before the first compilation_unit of a compilation. They are generally used to select a partition-wide or system-wide option. The pragma applies to all compilation_units appearing in the compilation, unless there are none, in which case it applies to all future compilation_units compiled into the same environment. 

Implementation Permissions

An implementation may require that configuration pragmas that select partition-wide or system-wide options be compiled when the environment contains no library_items other than those of the predefined environment. In this case, the implementation shall still accept configuration pragmas in individual compilations that confirm the initially selected partition-wide or system-wide options.
Paragraph 10 was moved to Annex J, “Obsolescent Features”. 

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