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Archives for April 2016 | Ada Forge - News

Ada PDF Writer v.002

Latest changes are:
  • ISO Latin-1 character support
  • Image dimensions can be queried (useful before inserting them!)
  • Added tool: img2pdf
  • Improved demo - vector graphics with the Ada Mascot!
  • Some fixes


From Gautier's Ada programming

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Excel Writer v.15 released

A quick note to announce the latest release of Excel Writer.

The changes since last note here are:

15: 23-Apr-2016:
  • zoom factor for viewing / editing sheet
  • international code pages were added: Thai, Japanese Shift-JIS, Chinese Simplified GBK, Korean (Wansung), Chinese Traditional BIG5, Latin II (Central European), Cyrillic, Latin I, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic, Vietnamese, Korean (Johab).

14: 20-Jul-2014:
  • cells "locked" (Excel's default, this allows formula protection)
  • Next, Next_Row admit zero as parameter


From Gautier's Ada programming
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Dequesterity v1.5 released

(Buffers of many shapes and sizes)

Dequesterity is a set of Ada 2005 generics that provide various forms of general purpose buffer containers.
Buffers may be used as deques, queues, ring buffers, stacks, double ended stacks, vectors, priority queues, and similar abstractions.

There are various concurrent buffers, priority buffers, streaming buffers, remote buffers. In fact there are now over 100 buffer packages to choose from.

This release mostly fixes some issues with the streaming Ravenscar buffers.

Brad Moore

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