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LEA v.0.90

See LEA Web site


  • Multi-document
  • Multiple undo’s & redo’s
  • Multi-line & multi-point edit, rectangular selections
  • Color themes, easy to switch
  • Duplication of lines and selections
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Parenthesis matching
  • Bookmarks
  • Includes HAC, the HAC Ada Compiler
  • Smart editor features (auto-completion, navigation, mouse-hover infos)
  • Includes numerous examples of Ada programs, ready to be run
  • Single executable, runs without installation
  • Free, Open-Source

Currently available on Windows.

  • Gtk or other implementations are possible: the LEA_Common[.*] packages are GUI-independent.
    LEA is programmed in Ada, as well as HAC.
Categories: Library

Ada BFD 1.3.0

Ada BFD is an Ada binding for the GNU Binutils BFD 3 library. The new version provides an Alire crate and fixes compilation issues with recent GNU binutils. You’ll also find some (very basic) notes to setup, use the library by loading a program symbol table and finding the nearest source line associated to some program address.

see VACS’s Blog

Categories: AdaForge

Advent of Code 2022

Advent of Code is a kind of game/competition of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like.
People use them as interview prep, company training, university coursework, practice problems, a speed contest, or to challenge each other.

AdaForge will host on GitHub some solution proposals to the daily puzzles.

Categories: AdaForge

Ada learning materials

Complete rework of indexing the available learning materials.

This page titled «Learn» is on the top menu.

You’ll find :

  • direct pointers to the RTFM ~ References
  • Coming from ?
  • Compare syntax
  • Ada Style Guides
  • On-line Learning Materials
  • (free) e-Books ~ PDF
  • Books
  • Some Videos
  • Some Ada Samples
Categories: Library

Simple Components v4.65

The library provides implementations of smart pointers, directed graphs,
sets, maps, B-trees, stacks, tables, string editing, unbounded arrays,
expression analyzers, lock-free data structures, synchronization
primitives (events, race condition free pulse events, arrays of events,
reentrant mutexes, deadlock-free arrays of mutexes), pseudo-random
non-repeating numbers, symmetric encoding and decoding, IEEE 754
representations support, streams, persistent storage, multiple
connections server/client designing tools and protocols implementations.

See Dmitry’s project at Simple Components

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XNAdaLib and GNATStudio 2022 binaries for macOS Monterey

This is XNAdaLib 2022 built on macOS 12.6 Monterey for Native Quartz
with GNAT FSF 12.1


GNATStudio 23.0wb

Both packages have been post on Source Forge

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