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Archives for August 2016 | Ada Forge - News

ZanyBlue - 1.3.0b released

The changes since the last release are:
  • Added a new utility zbinfo to query built-in data. This was released as an example previously (the dumplocale example which has been dropped).
  • Added encoding support to convert Wide_String values to String based on an encoding schema, e.g., UTF-8, ISO8859-2, CP932, SHIFT_JIS, etc. To fully use this functionality, narrow accessors should be used which, when printing, use Stream_IO to avoid interaction between the Text_IO and encoded values. The list of supported encodings is available via zbinfo --list-encodings.
  • The default locale is now en_US.UTF-8 if no other locale can be determined from the environment.
  • Updated the documentation (and website) to use the Sphinx documentation system.
  • Updated and expanded the documentation. Additional documentation is, however, needed. Switch to gnatdoc from gnathtml to generate the source code based documentation.
  • Restricted the usage of the -gnatW8 compilation option to just the source files containing UTF-8 encoded strings: the message pool file generated by the zbmcompile utility.
  • Added option to the zbmcompile utility to generate ASCII only source files (-A option).
  • Added option to the zbmcompile utility to define handling of non-Ada message keys when generating accessors (the -X option).
  • Updated the build to use gprbuild instead of gnatmake.
  • Updated the build to use -gnat2012 in all gpr files.
  • Switched from AUnit to Ahven for unit testing.
  • Minor source code changes based on stricter checks with GNAT 2016.


From Michael Rohan.

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Thick bindings for Zstd v0.8 released

I created a set of thick bindings against the recent v0.8.0 version. Those cover the stable API (basic compression / decompression and use of dictionaries). The API for streaming compression / decompression is not yet stable, and as such it is only available in the static library. Once streaming de/compression is provided in the shared library,


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Ada/SPARK ASN.1 implementation version 0.0.01

I'm making public my ASN.1 project which aims to be a verified implementation of ASN.1, which is used in security-certificates, which is hopefully the first step in a verified-TLS/-TLS -- the project also aims to be [directly] usable in DSA projects.

As of 0.0.01 the only portion implemented is a pure big-number package, and another currently shared-passive unit for usability.
I would certainly appropriate comments, criticism, and most especially contributions.


From Shark8
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