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Archives for November 2015 | Ada Forge - News

GnatDroid for Android-x86

  • The GNAT-to-Android/ARM cross-compiler known as GnatDroid-ARMv7 has been available on FreeBSD and DragonFly since even before it was officially supported in GCC.
  • I've produced a second cross-compiler, GnatDroid-x86 which targets the 32-bit Android/x86 platform.
  • The nice thing about Android/x86 is that it can be installed on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, so it can be easier to test programs without actual hardware as for GnatDroid-ARMv7.
  • GnatDroid is only available on FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, although somebody could replicate the effort for other platforms if so desired: http://www.freshports.org/lang/gnatdroid-x86
  • -John (http://www.dragonlace.net/)
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GCC 5.2.0 for OS X El Capitan

  • There's not a lot of added Ada goodness compared to 5.1.0, but the El
  • Capitan-related problem that David Botton recently encountered is fixed.
  • If you need PR66509 fixed and also arm-eabi support, put this compiler
  • on your PATH before the 5.1.0 compiler
  • (e.g. PATH=/opt/gcc-5.2.0/bin:/opt/gcc-5.1.0/bin:/the/rest/of/your/path)
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AdaControl v1.17r3 released

AdaControl is a free (GMGPL) tool that detects the use of various kinds of constructs in Ada programs.
Its first goal is to control proper usage of style or programming rules

This version gives better support of Ada 2005/2012 constructs... especially in the handling of anonymous subtypes.
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