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Archives for October 2015 | Ada Forge - News

Ada industrial control widget library v3.12 released

The library is provided for design high-quality industrial control widgets
for Ada applications. The software is based on GtkAda, Ada bindings to GTK+
and cairo. The key features of the library:

  • Widgets composed of transparent layers drawn by cairo;
  • Fully scalable graphics;
  • Support of time controlled refresh policy for real-time and heavy-duty applications;
  • Caching graphical operations;
  • Stream I/O support for serialization and deserialization;
  • Ready-to-use gauge, meter, oscilloscope widgets;
  • Editor widget for WYSIWYG design of complex dashboards.


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GtkAda contributions v3.14 released

The library extends GtkAda 3.8.3/4.


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Simple components 4.10 released

The current version provides implementations of smart pointers, directed
graphs, sets, maps, B-trees, stacks, tables, string editing, unbounded
arrays, expression analyzers, lock-free data structures, synchronization
primitives (events, race condition free pulse events, arrays of events,
reentrant mutexes, deadlock-free arrays of mutexes), pseudo-random
non-repeating numbers, symmetric encoding and decoding, IEEE 754
representations support, multiple connections server/client designing

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What is the currency rate of 1 Ada ?

William Franck did a 3D design of the (2D) Lay Ada Coin, winner of the 2001-2002 Ada-Belgium Programming Contest.

Ada Coin 3D-001
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