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GNAT for FreeBSD/64 available (two options)

Now the entire FreeBSD Ports Ada framework is available on this soon-to-be-tier-1 platform. The existing gcc6-aux port (http://www.freshports.org/lang/gcc6-aux) was expanded to support aarch64.
From John R. Marino
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GnatDroid for Android-x86

  • The GNAT-to-Android/ARM cross-compiler known as GnatDroid-ARMv7 has been available on FreeBSD and DragonFly since even before it was officially supported in GCC.
  • I've produced a second cross-compiler, GnatDroid-x86 which targets the 32-bit Android/x86 platform.
  • The nice thing about Android/x86 is that it can be installed on a virtual machine like VirtualBox, so it can be easier to test programs without actual hardware as for GnatDroid-ARMv7.
  • GnatDroid is only available on FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, although somebody could replicate the effort for other platforms if so desired: http://www.freshports.org/lang/gnatdroid-x86
  • -John (http://www.dragonlace.net/)
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