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Welcome to the up-to-date Ada World software component library !

OpenSource code with GPL, LGPL and preferably BSD-MIT-Apache… licenses.

Some benefits and the most common motivations are to:
Speed up software development or commercialisation by re-using existing code;
Saving costs with respect to maintenance and updates;
Sharing costs or risks by utilising existing code;
Interoperability by design by using widely used open source artifacts;
Being associated with collaborative and open values

We are not hosting all the listed libraries and tools, but this is definitively the place of gathering ALL the nice Ada software and tools from the Brave Ada Developers around the world.

  • Java developers have their Maven, and other framework places,
  • Web developers are gathering JQuery plugins, Bower or npm components,
  • Python has his ecosystem,
  • iOS developers have CocoaPods and a very complete and advanced Foundation/Cocoa framework,
  • and you have the jungle of GitHub, SourceForge, INRIA-Forge (GForge), GNU Savannha, BitBucket.

… and Ada developers have now Ada Forge !

Note : This site do not host the actual sources, but is a convenient pointer to all interesting Ada materials.

You will find great individual (and corporate) initiatives since the beginning of Ada (1983 !)
Ada reference authorities, learning, Advocacy, grapping a compiler, …
They are mentioned here after.

Feel free to send me an e-mail (see end of page) so that I can put a link to your site !



The Special Interest Group on Ada
(ACM’s SIGAda)


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