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ALR: Component available through the ALIRE crates (component) manager and repository.
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Text-Code Editor

TextMate (MacOS)

Visual Code


    • LEA
      LastCheck: 22 janv. 2022
      Author: gdemont,zertovitch

      LEA, a Lightweight Editor for Ada, aims to provide an easy,
      script-like, "look & feel" for developing Ada projects of any size, while enabling access to full-scale development tools like GNAT.


GNAT Studio - GPS (GTK)

Copyright: AdaCore
Repository: Libre.Adacore.com


  • Unix/OSX


    • IDEADA
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/ideada/
      LastCheck: 2 nov. 2007
      Author: azalsup
      Copyright: Martin C. Carlisle
      Repository: SourceForge

      A new Eclipse Plugin for ADA developpement. For the moment the plugin works with :

      • Syntax coloration
      • Compilation (Not debug mode)
      • Autocompletion
      • Package manager (some imporovement have to be done)


  • Win v?
    • AdaGIDE
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/adagide
      LastCheck: 5 août 2010
      Author: carlislemc
      Copyright: David Botton
      Repository: SourceForge

      daGIDE: GNAT Integrated Development Environment for Windows.

    • GNAVI-GWindows
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/gnavi/
      LastCheck: 29 janv. 2022
      Author: dbotton,gdemont,zertovitch
      Copyright: Regents of the University of California
      Repository: SourceForge

      The GNAVI project provides GWindows, a Rapid Application Development framework for Graphical User Interfaces on MS Windows.
      The durable Open Source answer to Delphi and Visual Basic.

    • VAD-Visual Ada Developer
      Link: r3fowwcolhrzycn2yzlzzw-on.drv.tw/AdaStudio/adastudio.html
      Copyright: Leonid Dulman
      Repository: Drive.Google


    • XCode Plugin

Syntax Highlighting

Ruby env

    • Rouge

Python env

    • Pygments


    • TextMate

Visual Code

    • Visual Code

Pretty Formater

ASIS based

  • gnatpp

LibAdaLang based

Other lexers

    • Ada_pretty
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/ada_pretty
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: reznikmm

      Ada Pretty Printer Library — ["pretty", "printing", "generator"]


Source Graph

  • Dependencies
    • GraphViz generator

    • PlantUML generator

    • Gnatcoll_xref
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/gnatcoll_xref
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: Fabien-Chouteau

      GNAT Components Collection - xref — ["gnatcoll", "database", "xref", "ali"]

API-Doc generator

Code Analysis

Grammars & Lexers

  • ASIS

  • Lib-Ada-Lang

    • Libadalang
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/libadalang
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: pmderodat

      Ada semantic analysis library — ["libadalang","static-analysis"]

    • Libadalang_tools
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/libadalang_tools
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: pmderodat,reznikmm

      Ada semantic analysis library extension and tools — ["libadalang","static-analysis","metric","formatting","generator"]

    • Langkit_support
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/langkit_support
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: pmderodat

      Runtime support library for Langkit-generated libraries — 0

    Link: antlr.org

    • Ada2012-grammar
  • Flex

    • Aflex
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/aflex
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: stcarrez

      An Ada Lexical Analyzer Generator — ["parser","generator","grammar"]

  • Yacc

    • Ayacc
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/ayacc
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: stcarrez

      An Ada LARL(1) parser generator — ["parser", "generator", "grammar"]

  • others

    • Anagram
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/anagram
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: reznikmm

      Grammar handling and parser generation Ada library — ["grammar", "syntax", "analysis", "bnf", "ebnf", "generator"]


    • Simple_components
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/simple_components
      LastCheck: 29 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: dmitry-kazakov

      Simple Components - A collection of support packages — 0
      Blackboards (lock-free)
      Chebyshev series
      Doubly-linked webs and lists
      ELV/eQ-3 MAX! client implementation
      Events (plain, pulse, array of)
      FIFO (lock-free)
      GNUTLS bindings
      Graphs (directed, weighted, acyclic, trees)
      HTTP implementation
      IEEE 754
      Inter-process communication
      Interfacing Julia language
      MODBUS client implementation
      MQTT client and server/broker implementation
      Multiple connection TCP servers
      Objects and handles to
      ODBC bindings
      OpenSSL bindings
      Persistent objects and handles to
      Sets and maps
      SMTP client implementation
      SQLite bindings
      Strings editing
      Tables (maps of strings)
      Unbounded arrays

Code Metrics

Code Quality



  • Ada2UML


To C

  • Ada2C

To Swift

  • Ada2Swift

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