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Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy site.
It presents solutions to the same task in many different languages, to demonstrate how languages are similar and different.

Ada Style Guides

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Ada Style Guide
By a bunch of top contributors
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Ada 95 Style Guide
DoD - Ada Joint Program Office
Software Productivity Consortium [1995]

On-line Learning Materials

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Presentation of the Ada Programming Language
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Ada Programming tutorial
from AdaCore
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An Introduction to Ada
by Jim Rogers
(Ada Resource Association)

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Ada and SPARK on ARM Cortex-M
by Maciej Sobczak
Inspirel [2017]
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The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming
by Ken O. Burtch
PegaSoft Linux Association [2009]
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Ada Programming tutorial
by a bunch of top contributors
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Why Ada ?

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Programming with Ada
by Paul Y. Jarrett

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Ada 95 tutorial
by Gordon Dodrill
Coronado Enterprises [1998]
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Ada 95: The Craft of Object-Oriented Programming
by John English
originally published by Prentice Hall [1996]

On-line / interactive Ada compiler

(free) e-Books ~ PDF

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Ada for the Embedded C Developer
by Quentin Ochem, Robert Tice, Gustavo A. Hoffmann, Patrick Rogers
AdaCore [2021]
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Ada for the C++ or Java Developer
by Quentin Ochem
AdaCore [2021]
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18 free e-Books available from AdaCore
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Ada - a crash course, with sources
by Peter C. Chapin
GitHub [2020]
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Ada Distilled
by Richard Riehle
AdaWorks [2011]
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Ada-95: A guide for C and C++ programmers
by Simon Johnston
ICL Retail Systems [1995]


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Programming in Ada 2012, with a Preview of Ada 2022
by John Barnes
Cambridge University Press [2022]
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Beginning Ada Programming: From Novice to Professional
by Andrew T. Shvets
Apress [2019]
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Analysable Real-Time Systems: Programmed in Ada
by Alan Burns,Prof Andy Wellings
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform [2016]
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Building High Integrity Applications with SPARK
by John McCormick, Peter Chapin
Cambridge University Press [2015]
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Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada
by John W. McCormick, Frank Singhoff, Jérôme Hugues
Cambridge University Press [2011]
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Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages: Ada, Real-Time Java and C/Real-Time POSIX
by Alan Burns, Andy Wellings
Pearson Education Canada [2009]
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Ada for Software Engineers
by Mordechai Ben-Ari
Springer [2009]
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Ada 2005 Rationale: The Language, The Standard Libraries
by John Barnes
Springer [2008]
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Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada
by Alan Burns, Andy Wellings
Cambridge University Press [2007]
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Ada Plus Data Structures: An Object Oriented Approach
by Nell B. Dale, John W. McCormick
Jones & Bartlett Learning [2006]
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Software Engineering With Ada
by Grady Booch, Doug Bryan, Charles G. Petersen
Addison-Wesley Professional [1993]
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Comprehensive Bibliography referenced by the«Ada Resource Association»

Some Videos

Some Ada Samples

  • Adagems - The Ada Gem 2007-2014 Archive published by the Adacore experts
  • ada-composition - A collections of small nifty demos/sample code that may help better layout data or structure project.

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