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About designing or using Ada Software Libraries …

You will find here some common thematic one will encounter when developing apps in Ada.


Some next thematics

comming soon, .. .

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  • ✍️ OS System-calls and shell-alike scripting
  • ✍️ Data_Persistance
  • ✍️ UI - User Interface: The new challenge
  • ✍️ Dev-Ops and Ada
  • ✍️ Data and message transferts encryption with Ada
  • ✍️ Massively parallel computing with Ada
  • ✍️ AI and Conv-Nets with Ada

Feel free to add contents to these wiki pages.

Add your name at the end of the page. Pages and content are all shared under CC-BY-CA.

A typical page structure could be:

  • Definition of the thematic
  • Context
  • The needs
  • Questions that arises
  • Back to the basics
  • Vocabulary
  • What’s in the Ada 2022 Language Reference
  • Some existing Open Source Ada libraries covering the thematic
  • The need to go further

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