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Thought there is’t an official logo to represent the Ada programming language, there were some initiatives, some of them where approuved by major communities, even a contest has been held.

Hese is a list of most shared Ada logo's.
(Time ordered)

Want to propose a new breathtaking logo ?
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About Logo’s

As stated by @barryhouser on Gitter:
some quick guidelines, no particular order:

UNIVERSAL: There must only be one version of a logo, not multiple versions.

SCALABLE: A logo must look good at any size regardless of wether its a tiny file icon or plastered on the side of a building

COLOR BLIND: A logo must be designed in black and white with no shading. If it's doesn't look good in B&W it won't look good in any color.

BALANCED: No part of a logo should overpower another parr of the logo
SIMPLE: A logo must have as little detail as possible

UNIQUE: A logo must be unique. The point of a logo is to differentiate a brand from the noise.

ABSTRACT: A logo must be abstract when conveying a concept. A hard, concrete conceptual logo, such as gear, rigidly defines the meaning of the brand, whereas a more abstract logo is more openly defined can capture a greater depth of ideas and emotions associated with a brand.

Ada Horizon logo 🤩

First seen on September 2012 on ada2012.org
Thanks to Fabien Chouteau, AdaCore released the logo in the Public Domain on 2023-01-10.
See AdaCore Blog page

You are free to build some derivatives (colour, size, sub-subject, frame) through the Ada-Logo-Editor

AdaCore, 2012 , 2023
Legal: CC-0

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Ada - The International Language for Software Engineering

This was the (very first ?) logo.
Stylized word "Ada" and a globe with an arrow around it.
Letter 'A' is a mixed one — half in 'Times New Roman' and half in 'Didot' font, sized at 120%
Letter 'd' is in 'Didot' font
Letter 'a' is merely in 'Bodoni 72 Book' font (most similar)
Height/width Ratio deformed

© ?? The Special Interest Group on Ada (ACM’s SIGAda).
Legal: ??
Download original from ACM-SIGAda, From the AJPO (Ada Joint Program Office)

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Ada - The Language for A Complex World

Logo used in the Ada Promotional Campaign through the Ada Software Alliance.

Approved by AJPO Director Don Reifer and Ada9X Project Director Chris Anderson, was used on all new Ada marketing materials.
It combines the globe symbol used by the AdaIC with the logotype that reads, "Ada, The Language For a Complex World."

© From the PAL Team-Ada directory
Legal: ??
Download copy from Ada-Belgium

Ada - Reliable Software for a Complex World

  • Derivative of the original ACM SigAda «The International Language for Software Engineering»

© Sowebio sarl, designed by Senzo Rouhaud
Legal: CC-BY-SA
Download from AdaForge

Ada - Reliable Software for a Complex World

© William J. Franck
Legal: CC-BY-SA
Download original from AdaForge

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Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust


It is based on previous similar Ada coin-like pictures from the 2001-2002 Ada-Belgium programming contest.
A previous version of the Silver "Ada coin" picture was used from 2004 on by ACM SIGAda
The latest update adds "2022" on a Gold coin, referring to the upcoming ISO standard for the Ada programming language.

The Ada 2012 and 2022 versions were recreated from scratch by Steven Craeynest in a more common format (PNG) and using the highest resolution version available of the original "Lady Ada" image.

© Steven Craeynest
Legal: sort of CC-NC See Dirk Craeynest - Ada Belgium download page
Download the original from Ada-Belgium page

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Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust

B&W derivative

Variation made by William Franck, after the "Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust" coin provided by Dirk Craeynest (Ada-Belgium)’, and the SIGAda typo.

© Steven Craeynest
Legal: sort of CC-NC See Dirk Craeynest - Ada Belgium download page
Download original from AdaForge

Thicker coin border, thicker fonts as to make the whole more ’logo’ compatible

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Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust

Small Logo

Variation after the "Ada - In Strong Typing We Trust" coin provided by Dirk Craeynest (Ada-Belgium), and the SIGAda typo.

© William Franck
Legal: CC-BY-SA
Download from AdaForge

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Ada Mascot

Time-tested, safe and secure

This is a derived work from the the winner of the Ada Mascot contest in Nov 2014 on Reddit.
Visible on Wikipedia , Wikibooks , Wikiversity

Leah Goodreau was inspired by Ada Lovelace's adolescent fascination with flight and Charles Babbage's nickname for her, "Lady Fairy."
The coloration of the mascot references the Asian fairy-bluebird, while the silhouette is a hummingbird because of their famed speed and sleekness.

© Leah Goodreau
Legal: CC-0 = Public Domain
Download original from GetAdaNow

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Ada Mascot - Reddit

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Modern relooking, Rust inspired

Olivier inspiration is that « Ada Lovelace exists in all modern girls/pal/guy/human. That's why I give her the face of a modern "CS student". Also note that her skin color is not necessarily white.»
Gitter 2022-04-23

Inspired by the Rust logo gear

Confidential, for now

© Olivier Henley
Legal: = CC-0 = Public domain (to be confirmed)
Download original from AweSome-Ada

EEC GDPR compliant