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Developers Forge for Open Source Ada Code and Tools - Advent of Code
Advent of Code

Advent of Code 2021

Some Ada source-code proposals for the puzzles of the © Advent of Code, year 2021 contest prepared by Eric Wastl 😎

Sources are on GitHub


Aiming as a show-case of some best(?) Ada 2012/202x coding practices.

  1. Readability
  2. Modular & Object Oriented software design
  3. Only using the libraries defined by the language, and shipped with any Ada compiler
  4. Use multi-tasking design when appropriate
  5. Execution time (performance) is not a first class goal (back to 1. & 2.)

Comments are welcome 😃

Other seasoned or just plain beginner developer have published their Ada code on github (or elsewhere...)

License & Disclaimers

Just plain open-source: CC0 Universal Public Domain dedication's Free Cultural Work

GDPR compliant