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Link: vtk.org

  • QT
    • VTKAda
      Link: r3fowwcolhrzycn2yzlzzw-on.drv.tw/AdaStudio/vtkada/vtkada.html
      LastCheck: 13 déc. 2021
      Author: Leonid-Dulman
      Copyright: Leonid Dulman
      Repository: Drive.Google

      VTKAda is Ada-95(05) interface to VTK(Visualization Toolkit) and Qt4 graphics library
      VTK version 5.6.1, Qt version 4.7.1 open source and qt4c.dll(libqt4c.so) builded with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in Windows
      and gcc in Linux x86-64
      Package was tested with gnat gpl 2009 ada compiler in Windows 32bit and 64bit and Linux x86-64 Kubuntu 9.10
      VTKAda is powerfull 2D , 3D rendering and imaging system and works inside Qt4 application.

      visualization the results of theoretical and experimental research (theoretical and experimental data) using a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, geometric surfaces and three-dimensional objects.
      VTK not only has a huge number of filters for complex graphic images, but also supports various image file processing for medical, scientific, and engineering formats, and import files 3DS, XML and others.
      VtkAda (735 packages) built widgets inside Qt5Ada(Qt6Ada) application.



Eclipse SWT


    • GTKAda Contributions
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/gtkadacontributions/
      LastCheck: 28 janv. 2022
      Author: dmitry-kazakov
      Copyright: Dmitry Kazakov
      Repository: SourceForge

      The library is a contribution to GtkAda, an Ada bindings to GTK+ toolkit. It deals with the following issues: tasking support; custom models for tree view widget; custom cell renderers for tree view widget; multi-columned derived model; an extension derived model (to add columns to an existing model); an abstract caching model for directory-like data; tree view and list view widgets for navigational browsing of abstract caching models; file system navigation widgets with wildcard filtering; resource styles; capturing the resources of a widget; embeddable images; some missing sub-programs and bugfixes; a measurement unit selection widget and dialogs; an improved hue-luminance-saturation color model; simplified image buttons and buttons customizable by style properties; controlled Ada types for GTK+ strong and weak references; and a simplified means to create lists of strings.
      Tasking support
      Custom models for tree view widget
      Custom cell renderers for tree view widget
      Multi-columned derived mode
      Extension derived model (to add columns to an existing model)
      Abstract caching model for directory-like data
      Tree view and list view widgets for navigational browsing of abstract caching models
      File system navigation widgets with wildcard filtering
      Resource styles
      Capturing resources of a widget
      Embeddable images and a tool to generate Ada code from XPM images
      Measurement unit selection widget and dialogs
      Improved hue-luminance-saturation color model
      Simplified image buttons and buttons customizable by style properties
      Controlled Ada types for GTK+ strong and weak references
      Simplified means to create lists of strings
      Spawning processes synchronously and asynchronously with pipes
      Capturing asynchronous process standard I/O by Ada tasks and by text buffers
      Source view widget support
      GTK 3 compliant

    • Gtkada
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/gtkada
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: Fabien-Chouteau

      An Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ — ["gtk", "gui"]





    • Lumen
      Link: github.com/AlexanderC2/TempLumen
      LastCheck: 25 sept. 2012
      Author: JulianSchutsch,Lucretia,comma-at
      Repository: GitHub
      Author: Chip Richards (NiEstu)

      Lumen is (or will be someday) a GUI toolkit for Ada.

      It is written entirely in Ada (with a few insignificant exceptions, like in the Linux joystick code, no direct calling of ioctl from Ada yet), based on OpenGL and thus portable between Unix/X11 and MS-Windows/Win32.
      It is expected to be portable to Macs once somebody steps up and writes the low-level portions for OS-X.

    • Openglada
      Link: alire.ada.dev/crates/openglada
      LastCheck: 26 janv. 2022 à 16:22
      Author: flyx

      Thick Ada binding for OpenGL — ["opengl", "binding", "rendering", "graphics"]


    • GNOGA
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/gnoga/
      LastCheck: 20 mai 2021
      Author: blady-com,dbotton,gdemont,jrcarter010
      Copyright: David Botton
      Repository: SourceForge

      Gnoga uses modern web technologies to allow simple creation of cross platform GUIs for Ada with native or custom look and feels that perform on par to native toolsets locally and can be easily and securely remoted as web apps over the internet as well.
      Ada 2012 framework
      Write for the web, mobile or desktop, no need to ever touch JS or HTML
      Fast cross platform GUIs that can run local or remote as web app
      GUIs runs on computers, tablets and mobile devices
      Take advantage of all cutting edge GUI technologies
      Ada will never be limited again to poor quality cross over with poor native feel
      Write web apps and guis as easily as writing console applications



    • XmAda
      Link: sourceforge.net/projects/xmada/
      LastCheck: 7 oct. 2006
      Author: vgodunko
      Copyright: Systems Engineering Research Corp
      Repository: SourceForge

      Xt/Motif bindings for Ada with GUI designer.

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